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Posted by TEX on November 10, 1998 at 22:09:49:
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Sean:--I know the frustration that you are having to deal with re: that dang telephone sprayer thing. Six months ago I got one of them things for my birthday. I hooked it up, and got the same results as you did.
I called around several places and explained my problem with that dern shower thingy. Finally I hooked up with a guy that really seemed to know something about it. An "Acme Turbo Shower Adapter Kit" is what it said on the box. $375.00 seemed a little pricey but a man's gotta do what a man's gotta do. I wired it up to the fuse box, and plumbed it up to the shower arm just like it said in the instuctions. Its' got a three position switch on it "Regular"..."Medium"..."High".
I could hardly wait to try this rascal out, so I got in the a firm grip on the telephone gadget and punched the High button.
Things happened pretty fast after that. That phone thing jumped outta my hand and commensed to whip around and started beating me near to death.
It busted the glass in the shower door, kept on a goin...smashed the vanity mirror and all my Wifes's Knick knacks on the shelves. The last thing I remember after that dern fool thing broke the light fixture and everything went black in the bathroom was yelling for my wife to dial 911.
When I woke up in the Hospital, one of the Para Medics was explaining to the Doctor in charge of the Trauma center.."that the only thing that saved me from sure death was the fact that the Acme Turbo Shower Adapter Kit had sucked all the water out of that 50 gallon water heater in 7 seconds flat", it also sucked the heater flat.
That was six months ago, and I expect to be leaving the Hospital pretty soon. If your really interestested in a high performance shower. Something that will really impress your friends and neighbors, I can make you a deal that you just can't refuse....TEX

I just hooked up a new bath faucet (telephone style) and for some reason the hot water pressure is considerably lower than the cold. I checked the flow from both the hot and cold supply lines before hooking up the faucet and they were exactly the same - about 40 seconds to fill a 4 gal bucket. When I hooked up the faucet, the cold remained the same while the hot dropped to about 60 seconds to fill the same amount. In terms of numbers this may not sound like much, but when you have a slow hot water flow, you have to dramatically cut back on your cold water to find the right temperature balance. The result is a painfully slow water flow. The tub is a rather large soaker that will require quite a bit of water. The faucet is a quality item from Aquadis, a manufacturer in Quebec Canada. It is all brass construction with, I believe, Koehler(?) ceramic cartridges so I am not concerned that it is a chintzy piece. Is is possible the hot water flow may be restricted for a reason (water saving) or could I have accidently "adjusted" something while installing it? Any comments or suggestions would be greatly appreciated?

: Sean

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