Re: Leaky 2 yr old gas hot water heater?
Posted by hj on May 03, 19101 at 00:32:58:
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The highest setting, 160 degrees, is not recommended since it can cause extremely serious scalds and it does cause faster precipitation in the tank and quicker deterioration, but 2 years is much too soon. I would suspect a defective electrical system that is using the hot water piping as a ground and that is eating the water heaters rapidly. I had one that had that problem and the first heater lasted 4 months before it blew out in the middle of the night.

: My hot water heater started to leak. It was installed only 2 or 3 years ago. The one before that only lasted about 2 years. My landlord says having the heater on "High" burns them out faster. She also says the plumber said the manufacturer says not to set them to High.

: I have two questions:
: 1. Why have a High setting if it is not recommended?
: 2. What can be causing the heater to rust out so quickly and leak in such a short time span? Hard water or other contaminents?

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