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Posted by Barb on May 02, 19101 at 02:33:13:
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When I installed my surround, I put up a cheap tacky one, and didn't want it in my newly redone bathroom, so I ripped down the curvy corner pieces, leaving the flat pieces. After experimenting with some waste pieces (and using mineral spirits and a putty knife to remove the Liquid Nails from where I hung the original curvy pieces), I glued a better looking surround right on top of the first. No problem getting it to stick.

This might be too drastic for you, but it occurs to me that if you do have some leftover, maybe you can glue it over the gap, overlapping it on the surround and the flange. I find they're pretty forgiving of uneven surfaces, since they're thin.

BTW, the trick is to hang it with masking tape first and trace around each panel before gluing it.

I don't know of any other relatively cheap option, other than that wallboard they sell for shower walls at the home centers. But I think that's even harder to install.

You know, it occurs to me that 100 mile per hour tape (it's used for planes) might be just the thing that would hold up over the gap and give a jaunty look to your tub/shower. It's silver in color. A friend gave some to me once for holding a shower curtain in place (long story), and it really worked. If you go to a small airport, a mechanic there would probably give you some.

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