Broken Moen Cartridge
Posted by Jeffrey on May 01, 19101 at 23:23:18:
Boy, am I in trouble. While replacing the standard Moen single handle cartridge (which I have done successfully before) using the cool little removal tool and everything, I somehow pulled out only the interior of the cartridge, but not the brass outer cartridge. Then, trying to grab it with needle-nose visegrips by the little brass flanges that protrude, I ended up pulling those off too. That baby seems to be corroded in there pretty tight. I tried WD-40, of course, before destroying the little flanges, but to no avail. Am I gonna have to completely pull out my fiberglass shower stall and replace the pipe that the cartridge sits inside? Geez, I hope not. HHHEEELLLPPP!

PS - The water is off till I can fix this one.

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