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Posted by Terry Love on May 01, 19101 at 14:28:08:
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: I'm right about at the point where I've taken up several square inches of concert. I'm going back with a kit shower so I'm having to move the drain over about 7" and at about a 45 degree angle. My house was built in 1970 so my first question is this: What type of plumbing should I expect to find under my slab? How is it typically laid out? What parts should I replace? How should I fill the hole once i've modified the drain? What should I look out for in this process?

: I know these are a lot of questions here but I'm really trying to avoid creating problems for myself. Any help is greatly appreciated.

: Fred

In 1970, it could be either ABS plastic or cast iron. In either case, you can use plastic pipe, either ABS or PVC to move the drain.
You will need to replace the p-trap I would guess.
Most people do not fill in the hole under the pan. You can use some fixall or mortar if the floor is uneven where the pan meets the floor.

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