How to finish copper pipe stickin up out of floor/wall?
Posted by David on April 30, 19101 at 14:53:18:
In my new house, the plumber did a rough for the toilets with copper pipe sticking out either a wall or floor. Now he comes in to do the finish, and particularly where the pipe sticks out of the floor, he leaves 3 or 4 inches of copper 1/2" pipe prior to the chrome valve. To my taste this looks really unfinished - you see this copper pipe with soldered seams etc. Ugh. I went by the plumbing supply store which the builder is using to see if they had some thin wall chrome pipe that I could have the plumber slip over the copper pipe prior to installing the valves. No luck.

So, my question - can anyone suggest a way to finish the pipes off (preferably something that could slip over current installation?



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