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Posted by maryanne on April 29, 19101 at 15:42:46:
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: : We have the same problem with our 6 yr old 40gallon tank. We even had the dip tube that moves cold water down replaced.. Some of the heaters had used a plastic ones and they replaced the plasitc tube, even though ours did not dissolve. However, the problem remains.
: We have cleaned/drained the scum at the bottom of the tank, but nothing else seems to work.
: The other day I gave my son a medium size bath. Usually the bath is small, but I had to go downstairs with him for a short time, while the tub filled. The next morning, my husband took a 5min shower and I took a 10 min. shower and there was no hot water to give my son a bath. We even have a 2gallon per minute shower head. No other wash or dishwasher had run the day before.

: What could it be?? Help?? Do we another tank?

Gee, it's so good to hear someone else is having the same problem. I don't mean that it's good that you have the problem. LOl I sometimes think the plumbers I get out here think I'm crazy. They keep telling me I don't need a new hotwater tank, and to tell you the truth I don't think I do either. I know nothing about plumbing but my common sense says that maybe it's in the line between the tank and the shower. That's the only place it happens. I've watched it and I always have hot water in the kitchen and doing the laudry, no matter what else is running. Keep in mind, it's just ME here. So, unless I've got spirits taking showers(one never knows) it's got something to do with those pipes. Does this make any sense? How are your other areas in the house? Is it like mine, enough hot water to do wash and dishes? Can we work on this problem together? Is there anyone else out there that can jump in here? Is that a possibilty that there's a problem just in those pipes? We have a water saver shower head also. So glad you answered. Hope to hear back from you or anyone else that has any ideas. Maryanne

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