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Posted by hj on April 28, 19101 at 09:34:28:
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It would be easier if we could see the parts you have, but it sounds like the coupler has come loose from the latex hose inside the metal hose. If that has happened the first thing is to call Delta and have them send you a new hose. The second thing is to pull the elastic hose a short ways out of the metal one, insert the brass piece in it and then shove press the brass piece into the metal one to clamp the latex hose between the two. It should be fairly hard to insert it since it is a friction fit. The black washer goes in before you reconnect the spout. I am not sure what the two white plastic pieces are, again if we could see them their positions would probably be obvious.
: I have a single handle delta kitchen faucet with the
: pull out hose. problem is, the copper piece that connects the spray piece to the hose coupler has
: become disconnected and I can not seem to find a way to reconnect. there is a copper pipe with a white
: plastic brace of sorts, along with a black rubber washer and a small white plastic washer. it seems
: to be fairly simple in theory, but I'm stuck.

: Any help would be well, helpful. Thanks

: Gregg

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