Re: Dishwashing powder or gel w/ septic system
Posted by Robert S. on April 27, 19101 at 23:59:19:
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Im a Designer of septic systems, consultant and have over seven years of experience in installation and repair of on site septic. I can understand your concern for proper material use with your system because it is a very sensitive environment. No dont use any powders with your system, especially Tide. its the worst one on on site systems. There is a product that at this point shows no adverse effects on septic that can be used with the detergent for your dishwasher. Its a product called Jet Dry. it should eliminate the "haze" on your glasses or prevent them from getting worse. There are other recommendations for the care and use of your system as well. As an example, dont use colored toilet paper, dont use a garbage disposal (its not recommended),and deffinatly dont pour the septic starters down your drane. They are known to "stun" a system for a few days. those are a few of the items Im aware of, but dont take my word for it. contact your local ar state health department or look up an organizatioon like WOSSA (Washington On Site Septic Association) who happens to be organized by some very informed people. or you can write me and ill get you mor info if I can. good luck

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