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Posted by clebo on April 27, 19101 at 12:33:30:
I read one of your previous msgs regarding hot water problems from a women who had a 6yr. old 40 gallon tank. Mine also is a 6yr. 40 gallon tank and my dip tube was replaced. However, the problem of not enough hot water is still a problem. They actually stated that the dip tube in our unit did not dissolve, but they replaced anyway.

Just two mornings ago, I filled the tub about half way for my son's bath. I usually only fill about 1/4, but we had to go downstairs while it filled and it was somewhat more than usual. However, the next morning my husband took a 5min. shower and I took a 10 min shower, both using our 2gallons per min shower head, and there was no more hot water for my son's bath. I mean not a drop. We did not use our washing machine, dishwasher, and we did not wash dishes by hand.

We also clean the scum from the bottom of the tank monthly now.

What is happening? Do we need a new tank or could there be something else wrong with it.? Help?
Thank you

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