Re: not enuff hot water
Posted by clebo on April 27, 19101 at 12:18:40:
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: We have the same problem with our 6 yr old 40gallon tank. We even had the dip tube that moves cold water down replaced.. Some of the heaters had used a plastic ones and they replaced the plasitc tube, even though ours did not dissolve. However, the problem remains.
We have cleaned/drained the scum at the bottom of the tank, but nothing else seems to work.
The other day I gave my son a medium size bath. Usually the bath is small, but I had to go downstairs with him for a short time, while the tub filled. The next morning, my husband took a 5min shower and I took a 10 min. shower and there was no hot water to give my son a bath. We even have a 2gallon per minute shower head. No other wash or dishwasher had run the day before.

What could it be?? Help?? Do we another tank?

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