Re: Tub drain lever won't stay in the down position
Posted by Bathologist on April 27, 19101 at 08:56:51:
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: My tub drain lever stays in the up position to allow the tub to fill up however it will not stay in the down position to allow the tub to drain. If the lever is held in the down position, the tub drains with no trouble. How do I get to all the mechanical pieces to fix this problem?

Start by removing the trip-lever assembly: Remove the two screws on either side of the "tub lever" (careful that they don't fall down the drain!). Now gently pull the assembly up and out, you'll have a couple of connecting rods and a plunger. Be careful not to disturb the overflow pipe
that this stuff is in because there is a gasket between the tub and the overflow hole which needs to be there.

Now, there should be a spring-like action when you "flip" the "tub lever". If there aint, then take the thing to the hardware store and get one whose screw holes match up. Either way, you'll need to adjust the connecting rods a bit so the plunger is in the right place at the right time. This takes a bit of trial and error (and patience)
Good luck!

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