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Posted by Russ on April 26, 19101 at 22:54:56:
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: Did you install the surround so that the bottom of it overlaps the tub flange? If so, what I'd be tempted to do is to get one of those premade peel and stick caulk strips you buy at Home Depot. They're about 1/2" wide, made to be bent in half, but maybe you could install it as a half inch strip along the gap and use another strip or conventional caulk to seal it to the horizontal edge of your tub...Not a big investment of time or dinero if it doesn't work.

: If you installed the surround so that you have a 1/2" gap on the wall between the top of the flange and the bottom of the surround, you might consider tiling the gap and caulking all around the tile.

: Or if they make peel and stick cove moulding that's waterproof, you could install that and caulk it real good on all edges.

: I guess another option would be to use marine putty or marine caulk and paint it with marine to match the surround or an accent color. Or you could install a strip of wood meant for boats and paint it with marine paint.

: I hope this helps, and that you'll repost to let everyone know how it comes out. Those surrounds look so easy to install but are really a bear. I find the directions supplied are really lacking.
: A plumber saw the surround I had installed in our bathroom and told me he wouldn't do them anymore cause they were just too much aggravation.


Thanks for the ideas. Its the second scenerio that this takes. They are a real pain to put in and align. I did buy some caulk backer, but I am afraid that it would hold up to the abuse of a shower/bath and I will have to redo it again anyways. I have thought about just ripping it out and starting over again. What would be eaiser to put in and cut to size?

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