Moen shower handle breaks
Posted by Clint Whetzel on April 26, 19101 at 19:40:15:
We have had a Moen shower handle for the past 2 years, it was here when we moved in and it worked
fine in that time frame, until about a month ago when it broke in the center part. We have replaced it
about two times since but it always breaks in the same place. Which is where the plastic handle is
screwed into and goes onto the metal part in the wall. The replacements have worked fine for several
days but then break in the same place. The first time with the original I beleve was old age, the second
I think may have been because the white plastic part was not around the metal stem in the wall. The
third time I thought that the screw might be too tight. I do not know anything about these things and
need some help in laymans terms. The part number on the box is 96994 but I was unable to find it on
the Moen site.
Thank You.

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