Soap Suds From Sink Pump
Posted by Tricia on April 26, 19101 at 19:21:36:
We just put in a new laundry room in the basement and had to install a Flotec 1/4 HP sink pump in order to pump up to the sewer line. The pump works great until we do laundry and the soap suds from the washer seap up out of the pump. (We pump water into sink then it drains into the pump) Water is not gushing up but the suds rise very rapidly as in any situation. We changed detergents, reduced amount of soap used and still suds appear. I tried to divert the water by putting the wash tup sink stopper partially into the drain to slow down the water flow. That seemed to help. It usually didn't happen until the second load of laundry in a row, now it is happening during the first load. Will a water diverter over the drain help to control the rising bubbles within the pump or is there something else necessary to control the suds?

Thanks for your advice.

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