Re: How Do Tankless or Instant Hot Water Heaters Fare?
Posted by hj on April 26, 19101 at 01:02:05:
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The ones I have been involved with, never as the original supplier, have usually failed and either parts were no longer available or delivery time is too long for the customer to be without hot water. If you exceed the flow rate the heater will only deliver warm water, and if there is a flow limiter to ensure the temperature then the flow is reduced when multiple users try to access the hot water. They are more expensive to purchase, and the electrical requirements for an adequate supply requires fairly large wires and circuit breakers.
: I am remodeling a five-plex of studio apartments and space is at a premium, so would like to use the electric tankless instant hot water heaters in the units. Two parts to my question:

: #1 Why are all the plumbers afraid of the tankless water heaters? Not one plumber I have asked so far has recommended them.

: #2 The only ones that seem to be reasonably priced are the ones I have seen offered on eBay auctions --the Termotronic (
: and the Titan Model N120
: (

: I've seen the SETI but it runs over $500. (
: Has anyone out there used the less expensive Termotronic or Titan? and if so, how do they perform? Any recommendations?

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