How Do Tankless or Instant Hot Water Heaters Fare?
Posted by Robin Choudhury on April 25, 19101 at 20:11:25:
I am remodeling a five-plex of studio apartments and space is at a premium, so would like to use the electric tankless instant hot water heaters in the units. Two parts to my question:

#1 Why are all the plumbers afraid of the tankless water heaters? Not one plumber I have asked so far has recommended them.

#2 The only ones that seem to be reasonably priced are the ones I have seen offered on eBay auctions --the Termotronic (
and the Titan Model N120

I've seen the SETI but it runs over $500. (
Has anyone out there used the less expensive Termotronic or Titan? and if so, how do they perform? Any recommendations?

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