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Posted by hj on April 23, 19101 at 23:44:42:
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The small plastic lines to the faucets were never covered, and the pipe outside was only covered for 10 years.

: Hi Terry,
: I'm new to the world of plumbing woes and need a little advice. I bought a home last year It was built back in 1986. My plumbing problems started immediately with the pipes under the sink in the bathroom. I replaced it. Then two months later, another pipe under the kitchen sink. I have replaced all of the pipes under the five sinks in my home. Now it's the yard and the shower pipes are leaking. Looks like I struck a well. I have been informed that the qest settlement doesn't cover outside "blue" lines any longer. I have canvassed the neiborhood and found 36 homeowners that had to replace their faulty lines in the yard. Have you heard of any new lawsuits regarding lines outside? These lines seem to be just as faulty. Sorry for the lengthy post. Just thought you may have heard of similar problems with outside lines.
: Thanks,
: Wendy

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