Hunter/Korky QuietFill vs AmStd SmartValve 2000
Posted by Alan P on April 23, 19101 at 18:52:51:

I see American Standard Smart Valve 2000 toilet fill valves at the big Lowe's warehouses but nowhere else. They are supposed to be quieter than the Fluidmaster valves everyone seems to carry.

I have read that the Hunter fill valve, now under the Korky QuietFill brand, is very quiet. I can't find it locally. Might be at TrueValue chain stores. Improvements catalog carries it at $14 a pop. (!)

Are these two valves similar/identical internally? Is either better than the other?

I have 2 AmStd2K valves, and one tapers off the flow at the end of the fill cycle, while the newer one is more abrupt. Is this just manufacturing variability or a design change?

Also, I thought I'd mention that B&K makes ball valve angle shutoffs that I also can't find locally. They are about $4.50 at if you dig around there.
(3/8" F thd - 3/8" comp)

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