Bathroom sink replacement-pipe problem
Posted by Rich on April 23, 19101 at 15:20:13:
Replaced sink OK, but trap is dripping with new metal pipes and compression washers.

1. How tight should these trap nuts be? Wrench tight, hand tight? It seems whatever I tried, water would still leak. I tried nylon compression washers and rubber, but both leaked. I tried hand-tight and wrench tight. I tried with and without teflon tape. The water seems to leak from the top of the nuts, implying that my compression washers aren't sealing well. Do I need to tighen them more with a wrench to really compress them? Have I already destroyed the new compression washers by tightening them and then loosening them?

2. Can I replace the metal pipes with plastic? The wall drain pipe is soldered with lead solder and I can't even get to it without taking out part of the wall, but it's under a cabinet tiled to the wall, so it's very hard to get to. If I could replace my metal drain pipes (except for the wall pipe) with plastic, I think I'd have better luck stopping the leak.

Any help is much appreciated.


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