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Posted by Elzo on April 22, 19101 at 16:54:15:
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Janet: I have come across situations similar to the one you speak of. Often times the gas odor is
really not gas at all. If you are on a septic system, check the venting at the septic tank or ditribution box[on windy and cool days the biogas
can infiltrate your home by way of the sanitary drain line and possibly a bad wax seal under the toilet.]
I have even found that a recently deceased
critter such as a in an attic or wall can cause a similar effect.

Good Luck...Elzo

We recently added a small addiditon on a slab floor. Before the project was completed we began to smell a gas odor which was quite strong at times. We cannot identify the source. The propane company has been here, the plumber has run tests, the housing inspector and environmental consultants have been involved in the search with no solution. We are having to live with a somewhat sweet gas-like odor which has reduced the quality of life around here! The odor is stronger some days than others. When it is strong we cannot get rid of it by opening all the windows. Can anyone out there help?

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