Dishwasher Air Trap
Posted by Chuck McD on April 21, 19101 at 21:45:24:
Water from my dishwasher was coming through the air trap on a regular basis. I thought there was
some blockage, but when I looked I found the Hose from the air trap to the garbage disposal was
flattened out from a too sharp turn. It looks like this was blocking the flow back into the air gap.
I replaced the air trap and the hose from trap to disposal. A 2 foot hose was too short because the
turn to hook it up was flattening out the hose. I got another 2 foot hose and an ell joint and hooked them
up. I ran the dishwasher and water still came out of the air gap.
Does the hose need to be shorter?
Is there any special way to install the air gap?
Do I have a different problem?

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