Re: Cost of a new tub
Posted by hj on April 21, 19101 at 15:40:37:
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It is still too hard to tell you. If the tub is going to fit exactly into the space between two walls and if there is room in front of it to accomodate the wider tub, then the cost might be $800.00 plus the tub and faucet. Their prices are all over the spectrum so you have to check the one you want and add its price to the installation. Other installations can add thousands if there is tile and decking to surround the tub. And you also have to provide access and electricity for the tub's pump.
: Well, all I really wanted was a ballpark estimate. Is this a $20,000 job or closer to a $5,000 job? Or am I totally in the wrong ballpark here?

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