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Posted by LJ on April 21, 19101 at 10:16:46:
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Well all I really wanted was a ballpark estimate. Is this a $5,000 job or more like a $20,000 job? Or am I totally in the wrong ballpark?

: It depends on the size of the tub, the size of the space where it is going, and a lot of other variables that are unique to each situation. The only way to get a price is to have contractors look at your installations and give you a quote. In addition, no matter what price we suggested, the only thing that really counts is what a contractor in your area would charge.

: : I just bought a new home and the tub in the master bathroom is in terrible condition. I have decided to replace it, and want to put a slightly wider than the standard size tub in with a jacuzzi. Do you know how much, approximately, this will probably run? I want to have an idea ahead of time, so I know what to expect. Thanks

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