Re: underground copper pipe corrosion
Posted by Rod R. Schurman, P.E. on April 21, 19101 at 08:58:37:
In response to Re: underground copper pipe corrosion
Copper is �typically� the best metal for burial, but it is still susceptible to corrosion. The green
and maroon discoloration is typical for buried copper pipe, but the complete corrosion indicates a
problem. Grounding to the water pipe can cause corrosion given the right soil conditions. Never
ground to the water pipe. Check your pipes and remove any ground clamps you find. Connect
instead to a buried ground-rod (available at hardware stores).

You may also have corrosive soil. You may be able to use an anode or similar device to prevent
premature corrosion. The anode is connected to your pipe and buried. It is basically sacrificial in
that it corrodes instead of your pipe. Check with an industrial plumbing or electrical supply store.

A new (15 years) plastic pipe that solves corrosion problems is called CPVC. It is specifically
designed for potable (drinkable) water systems. Problem is that you can�t get it in all states yet.
Hope this helps.

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