Help...Water Hammer is gonna land me in Jail!
Posted by Barry on April 19, 19101 at 21:22:14:
I desperately need someone's help. I live in a condo on the third floor. Any time I turn on my shower water hammer pound my house and building so loudly that my neighbors are calling the police!

I have contacted the builder and the property management firm to no avail. I understand that most if not all of the top floor units have this ssame problem.

The noise gets very loud, it can be heard across the street over 500 yards away, at the comfort zone for a hot shower. Running the water hot enough to scald oneself seems to minimize the proble...however, obviously this is not my preferred solution.

I am open to any and all sugestions. My neighbors will be eternally in debt to anyone providing an answer. One neighbor recently informed me that he now sleeps wearing EARPLUGS every night!

Thanks in advance for your assistance.



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