How do you remove a 1-3/4 inch bathtub drain?
Posted by Greg on April 19, 19101 at 12:50:09:
I want to remove a bathtub drain. The problem is that the drain does NOT have a screen or strainer at the bottom. The drain is just a straight shaft about 1-1/2 inch long that has a chrome-plated flange where it goes through the inside of the bottom of the tub, and screws into a copper pipe that comes up flush with the outside bottom of the tub. There seems to be no way to grab hold of the drain to unscrew it.

I�ve tried a Ridgid tools model 342 Internal Wrench, but that doesn�t work. The inside of the drain is 1-3/4 inch in diameter, and the Internal Wrench has fittings for 2 inch inside diameter pipes (too big) and 1-1/2 inch pipes. The 1-1/2 inch fitting does not expand quite enough to grab hold of the inside of the drain.

The tub and drain were manufactured by Universal Rundle in the 1950s.

Any suggestions? Thanks.

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