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Posted by hj on April 17, 19101 at 09:14:56:
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Bob. Getting the handle off is the easy part. Every faucet has its own method of getting to the washer. American Standard probably has more different types of faucets than anyone else, since they were constantly changing patterns. Without knowing which of the myriad models you have all we can give is generic instructions. essentially, you may have to remove the chrome tube and flange. Beneath that you will find one or two hexagonal shapes. If one, then unscrew it and the stem will either come out with it or will unscrew from the resulting opening. If two, remove the farthest one and the stem will come out. You have to understand that you are there and we are not so we have to depend on your eyes and descriptions which, by definition, are not always the most accurate, given that you are not a plumber.
The most important thing is to not force anything or you will go beyond your level of incompetence and turn a minor repair into a major repair problem.
: : My housis 20 years old and has a fiberglass tub enclosure with "Standard" faucets. Can anyone tell me how to remove or repair the faucets so they stop leaking. I have gotten the handles off but I cannot see a way to remove the stems to replace the washters.
: : Thanks...Bob

: I came on to this site looking for the same answer. I have the handles off but what next.

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