Oil Burner & tankless hot water - temperature settings?
Posted by Matt on April 15, 19101 at 15:15:48:
Hi. I have an oil furnace/burner that uses forced hot water baseboards. My hot water comes from a tankless
hot water system attached to the furnace. I have nieces and nephews that I don't want to be scalded. The oil
company (during their annual furnace tune-up) sets the HIGH water temp at 200 deg, the LOW water temp at
180 deg, and the CIRC water temp at 160. I've turned these down to HIGH 180, LOW 160, CIRC 145.

Is this a problem? Have I diminished the furnace efficiency? How is the household hot water temperature
determined? Will my fuel bills be lowered and have I done anything to prevent scalding? Will my house be
heated properly?

Any help would be much appreciated. Please send EMAIL to ruston@townisp.com also with any replies. Have
a happy Easter! Matt

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