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Posted by Edna Furstenfeld on April 15, 19101 at 11:29:50:
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Dear Sir:
We are in the process of repairing cracks in our old (15 yrs.) fiberglass shower. My husband used a fiberglass repair kit purchased from Home Depot and so far so good. However, I'm aware that there is a product that can be sprayed on that will give the bottom of the shower a slip resistant texture. Do you know what it is and where I can purchase it?
Thank you.
Edna Furstenfeld

: Sear Sirs,
: : I have an old fiberglass bathtub (<20 years) that has hairline cracks on the bottom about 4-5" long. Is there a quick way to seal or repair these cracks? Is there a particular adhsive or sealant I can use? I do not know if they leak.

: : Thanks for the Advice,
: : Marty

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