Re: AC/DC Sump Pump Primary?
Posted by Scott on April 12, 19101 at 17:41:01:
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: We have a small sump hole (14"deep, 11" diameter) and cannot fit a battery backup pump into it without making the hole bigger. Is there a pump (single unit)made that's able to switch over to battery if there's a power failure?

We have been using the "Aquanot" pump from zoller for 5 years now. We use this 12volt pump as the primary pump, it pumps 54 gpm and the battery is always being recharged by the charger when the power goes out you will usually get about 9 hours of pump time depending on what type of water problem you have. The batteries seem to last about 3 years before needing to be replaced.
you may still need to open up the pit a little.I hope this helps.


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