Sewer Smell in Bedroom - HELP!!!!
Posted by Jim Simpson on April 12, 19101 at 16:36:43:
We have a 12-year old, 2-story house and one of the upstairs bedrooms has recently developed a strong sewer smell. The bedroom shares one wall with a bathroom but we cannot detect any odor at all in the bathroom nor have we noticed any obvious signs of water damage that might originate in the bathroom.

We moved a lot of the furnishings around in the bedroom to try and discover the source but the only thing we found was one of the windows seemed to have a stronger smell than the rest of the room.

I climbed up and checked that there was no blockage and/or water collection in the gutter or drainpipe that is located directly outside this window. Also, I did a cursory look in the attic over the room and although it was not a thorough check, I did not notice any smell or obvious signs of water.

Any ideas as to what our next step should be? If there is something we could check that would be great. If not, what kind of professional should we call in? A plumber, handyman, GC?

Thanks in advance!

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