Re: dip tube blues.
Posted by Mark M on April 11, 19101 at 22:10:12:
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Hey, thought I'd follow up. Cut the copper tube, unscrewed the coupler, looked inside, and lo and behold, NO TUBE! Wow! Then tried to insert the new one, but it was too long, must have been for a 50 gallon instead. ANyway, I cut off about 12 inches, slipped it in, screwed it back together, soldered a splice, drained out all the old crappy water, filled it, fired up the pilot, and MAN do we have hot water......

Thanks guys for all the help. The heater was dated around 1991, so it's around 10 yrs old. The tube cost 7.50, so I'm glad I went with that replacement instead of the entire tank. I suppose it will spring a leak next week!!! Murphy's law huh?


: Yes, this sounds like the dip tube problem. You are probably far better off just replacing the entire hw tank.

: There is a guy on the radio in Detroit named Joe Gagnon who talks about this problem often. I think there was a class action lawsuit involving the hot water tanks involved. you may want to call the manufacturer of the hw tank and see if they are handing out checks!

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