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Posted by Cliff K. on April 11, 19101 at 17:27:23:
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: : My symmons temptrol (model A) has been in service since 1990.Water temperature is never hot enough.. Hot water temperature is fine in other shower. My wife is not happy.....

: : whole assembly or is there an easier fix for this?

: I have similar issue with 2 tubs with their model S-86. Water is plenty hot elsewhere. Their troubleshooting instructions show set screw can be adjusted to allow handle turn further CCW, and internal piston assembly must move freely when removed and shaken. I have set screw positioned for max hot, and piston is free, and problem persists. I have emailed Symmons for advice, awaiting reply.................................................

I am the maintenance adminstrator of an Assisted care facility built a year ago. We have Symmons Temptrol in all our walk-in shower units. This is my first experience with Symmons products.

I was getting complaints of no hot water, or not very much hot water. I even had situations of no water at all.

What I found is that the cartride was full of hard water deposits. We were experiencing many problems in clogging of shower heads, and many problems in the equipment in the full time kitchen due to hard water.
I found that soaking the cartridge in a solution (i.e. "Scalegon")for removing hard water deposits did the trick. We are now on a water softner (potasium)that has pretty much solved this problem.


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