underground copper pipe corrosion
Posted by John Scates on April 11, 19101 at 09:39:43:
I have a short piece of 5/8 copper tubing that was removed from underneath the foundation of a home after developing a leak. The tubing is of proper gage, but the exterior is eaten away - very small pits visible with a microscope. The copper has changed to a mixture of green and maroon discoloration. One of the pits progressed through the wall and blew out. The interior surface of the tubing is fine-no corrosion

I thought that copper was the "ideal" metal for burial, but this stuff has gone to hell. What could cause this? Electrical grounding to the tubing? Something in the soil? Any experience would be helpful. Certainly, the goal would be to identify the cause and correct, if possible, to prevent losing all of the tubing under this home.

Thanks, John

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