Posted by David Graciano on April 10, 19101 at 21:22:00:
We have a travel trailer located in a trailer park that has had a continual toilet problem and I am destined to resolve this issue! I have come to the conclusion that the possible problem is that the toilet was never connected to a vent system and therefore when flushed, the toilet would fill the entire bowl and eventually go down very slowly.

If the problem is venting, how far downstream from the toilet do I put a vent pipe and what size of pipe do you recommend? As an experiment I popped a 1-1/4" hole on top of the sewer line approximately 1 foot away from the toilet downstream. The toilet then flushed and seemed to be working much better with more swirl and water not rising up in the bowl, but actually sucking the paper down the toilet. However, now the toilet intermittently is operating with more swirl and suction. I know what I did was just a temporary experiment and I now need to do a permanent fix to this frustrating problem. HELP! Anxiously awaiting your responses....

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