Shower connections
Posted by Andy on April 10, 19101 at 18:56:59:

I'm going to be installing a new shower valve body (Price Pfister), and am wondering about the best way to re-connect it to the existing plumbing.

I have hot and cold galvanized steel stubs coming up from the crawl space through the floor. Due to extreme space limitations behind the shower enclosure,
I am wondering if it would be acceptable to use flexible pre-fabricated connector hoses between the new brass valve body and the steel stubs.
(The same kind of connector hoses used to hook up sink faucets and toilets). I would use the ones with the braided steel sleeves and all metal connections
at the ends, no plastic fittings.

It almost seems like too easy a way out. The other option is to use dielectric unions and make up rigid copper connections.
Would the good quality flexible connector hoses be okay?

Thanks in advance.


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