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Posted by hj on April 10, 19101 at 08:54:46:
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Given the proper circumstances, it can happen with either quick opening or quick closing. In a residence it is usually quick closing. In a situation with a large, long water service, the water inertia keeps it from moving. If a quick opening valve, i.e., a Sloan flush valve, is operated, the pressure will drop to zero momentarily and then when the water starts moving will create a water hammer that can crack pipes if they are not anchored. In this situation, an X-Trol type tank near the usage will maintain the pressure while the water's inertia is being overcome.
: Hi Terry,

: I just moved into a new home, arresters were used on
: the washer hot and cold lines and on the dishwasher.
: The hammer seems to be on the opening of any cold water
: line in the house. I'm a little confused on the water
: hammer thing in that is it more on a fast-closing
: valve or opening, or both ? Or is this a different
: ploblem all-together ? Maybe air in the lines, or
: high water pressure ? What do you think ?
: Thanks ...... Jeff

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