Pressure assisted flushing devices.
Posted by Harold Holguin on April 10, 19101 at 01:16:37:
Dear Board Members:
I have questions about these new "pressure flushing systems"

Bacteria: If not enogh water is use for the flushing (1.6 Gallon) bacteria must accumulate in the inmediate drain, all the power assisted flushing systems in the market are sealed and there is no place to insert a chlorine tablet as with the regular toilet.

Over flow: There are complaints about water overflowing out of the tank in the case of leaks in this sealed pressurized containers.

Also there are complaints about these systems flushing constanly due to a malfunction costing home owners a lot of money on water bills.

I have look for a system that can be retrofit to be installed in a regular 3.5 gallon tank but no ones is making it why?

Then there is the cost, the price of toilets has more than double when equiped with these devices.

Well I have taken all this in consideration and applied for a patent of my own device, " a pressurize flushing system" inside of a small plastic box that will fit in any water tank ( specially the old type) it is full proof with only two moving parts and a dispenser for the chlorine tablet to control bacteria.
We anticipate a selling price of about 30 bucks just for the flusing system not the toilet.
Will it sell?
I send drawings to a shop to make a good prototype to tested in an old toilet.
My only doubt is: will it work in an old toilet ? considering these were not made for high pressure flushing. What do you think ? please give me your input, I will come back with the results after we test this device.
In addition, with the same principle we can make a urinal valve that will sell for about 40.00 versus 150.00 for the one in the market today.
Will it sell?
Furthermore, this same valve can be installed with a 1/14 pipe behind the wall instead of a water tank or use the pipe, chrome it and make a towel rack.
I will live to get some feed back please.

Thank you

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