Cast Iron sewer pipe to no flange anymore
Posted by Hardware Laura on April 08, 19101 at 15:10:23:
I am helping my elderly parents. They live in a home built in 1946. Their toliet was removed and the old flange, made from lead, was removed and thrown away by my brother. I have replaced the subfloor, and put down new vinyl flooring. I now need to put a new flange in. The cast iron sewer pipe comes straight up, then an angle piece of what feels like lead or tin comes over to the floor at about 45 degrees. Someone recommended that I get an adapter flange which fits down inside the existing cast iron closet stub, and is sealed by simply tightening the stainless steel cap screws. Before thinking, I bought this. Now I wonder how to use this with the thin metal angle piece it will be going into. Would I be better off trying to adapt the cast iron to ABS? and then using a standard 4 inch flange?

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