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Posted by hj on April 07, 19101 at 15:24:46:
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Forget about using the chimney, unless you never intend to have a fire in the fireplace again. Otherwise, you will have to install a pipe through the roof with two ells above the roof so rain cannot get into the pipe.

: Hello. I have a flat roof house with an electric dryer on an inside wall. I have no way to vent it to the outside. If I don't vent it at all, my walls get wet and this won't do. I am currently using a long vent hose connected to the back of the dryer that I stick out a window when the dryer's running. It's pretty pitiful, but it works. Any suggestions as to how to permanently vent this dryer? Is it safe to go to the chimey of the woodstove and run an aluminum pipe up the chimney? Would I have water running down the pipe if I vented through the roof (about 8'). thanks for your help!

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