Re: Recirculating pump system on hot water.
Posted by hj on April 07, 19101 at 09:40:36:
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Since it requires very precise engineering to make one work without a pump, installing a pump is almost a necessity. The water heater will fail sooner since it is working 24 hours a day. Your fuel/energy bills will be higher for the same reason. The constant circulation of water can erode the hot water piping if the velocity is not controlled. Two advantages are the "instant" hot water, assuming the piping is installed correctly and the piping is always a constant temperature so you will not get expansion/contraction sounds.

: I am building a house with a basement and want to have hot water in a resonable amount of time with out running it for several min. I have heard about a system that recirculates the hot water. I belive it uses a pump. I was also told that there are long term problems with these systems, with or without a pump.

: Please advise on the pro's and con's and were can I find information on the systems.

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