Low water pressure - entire house
Posted by Robert on November 09, 1998 at 14:42:59:
Had a small leak. Turned off water at the main and did a quick patch. Turned water back on main.
All was OK until I started getting loud pipe noises whenever someone flush a specific toilet. It gradually
got worse a even running the washing machine created the noise. I decided that there must be air
in the pipes (that's what it sounded like). I shut off the main, opened the highest faucet in the house
(kitchen) and opened the lowest vavle, hose next to main shutoff. Let the whole thing drain out. I was still
getting a tricle on the hose when I decided to turn the water back on (it was getting late at night). I
opened most of the faucets in the house (did not open a hose out back). Turned on the main, and water
flowed out of all the open faucets. Good pressure. I went around the house shutting off the faucets. Tried
flushing the toilet. No noise. Went to bed. The next morining the low pressure problem came about. When
one faucet is on, water won't come out of any other faucet. When washing machine is on, no water flows
from any tap. I cleaned sediment from the faucets with filters (only two had sediment). No luck. Tried messing
with the pressure control valve, no results. Water pressure is fine into the house. Water pressure is fine when
you first turn on the water but quickly drops off to a very low flow. Any suggestions?
Thanks in advance, Robert

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