Toto Drake VS American Standard EL & Tub Drain
Posted by Ron on April 06, 19101 at 23:56:46:
I am in the market for new toilets for my home. I currently have Eljer Patriot Toilets that plug just about every other use. I have found the American Standard EL but not the Toto. I plan to call Toto and get the location of the closest dealer. Is there any difference in performance between these two. Also....the drain in my bathtub is getting corroded pretty badly.....our water must be pretty bad.....and it will not come clean. I found the drain assembly at a local hardware store ......its the little 1/4 turn type. Am I opening a can of worms trying to change this thing or what? I also purchased the tool required to screw it out. The drain below the tub is made of PVC. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks ..Ron

By the way.............GREAT SITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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