Posted by Steven Pereira on April 05, 19101 at 21:37:44:
How do floor and pipe flanges work? I want to outfit my deck with a LP gas hookup for a BBQ grill. I'd like
to do this by running a SS flexible gas line down one of my hollow deck posts to a 1/2" galvanized gas pipeline
below the deck. I would like to secure the flex line at the point it exits the side of the deck post (above the
deck) with a wall flange, then place a shut off valve there. I can't seem to find a nipple or bushing
that would allow me to connect the flex to one side of the flange and the valve to the other. I do know that
Tracpipe and Gastite offers readily available products to do just what I'm attempting to do, but I don't have
the certification required to buy either of these products.

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