Relocating Toilet
Posted by ray on April 05, 19101 at 12:50:19:
I am thinking about moving the location of the toilet in my bathroom remodel effort. Currently, the distance of the toilet flange to the main drain/vent stack is aprox. 36" (centerline of toilet flange to centerline of the main drain/vent stack). I realize one should maintain the same rise/run on the extension. My questions are:

1) Is there a limit as to how far the toilet flange should be from the main drain/vent stack? The objective of course is to make sure I don't relocate so far away that I impact the operation of the new low flow toilet I will install. It will be a straight extension, i.e., no turns of any sort. The piping is 3" ABS.

2) Is there a good plumbing reference book you would recommend where I could find the answers to these very specific sort of installation/design questions.

Thanks for your time,


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