Maytag gas dryer: orifice
Posted by Bob Brunswick on April 04, 19101 at 22:52:34:
A while back I paid to have someone convert my model LDG410 from propane to natural gas. To make a long story short, I think I've discovered the source of my "failure to advance the autodry timer problem". It looks like the service guy changed out the vent cap but left the #54 orifice in-place. I still had a #42 orifice left over from when the dryer was on NG before being on propane, so I put it in and have a real flame now. With the air adjustment on the burner assembly wide open (which makes sense at 7,000 ft. elevation, right?), the flame has a lot of yellow in it. If I turn the shutoff valve a little bit, I get a nice mostly blue flame. Does this mean I should get an orifice smaller than the #42 but larger than the #54? Or am I ok w/ a crude adjustment at the valve? My timer is advancing nicely now. Appreciate any advice.

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