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It depends on the gas supplied. In this area, gas lines can go up and down as necessary to adapt to cathedral ceilings and we do not use drip legs.

: Hi,

: I'm installing a natural gas line. I've read in a few places about a couple of "requirements" for gas lines, I'm wondering how true they are.

: The gas pipe has to have a slope toward the end of the line because moisture builds up. Also, because of this moisture going toward the end of the line, you have to have a "drop pipe" that drops vertically down for a little ways to accumulate the moisture that builds up.

: Is this true? I am running a line about 50 feet long, but the first 20 feet of it, I'm not going to be able to make it slope. It will be level. After that 20 feet, I can make it slope the rest of the way. Advice anyone?

: Thanks,
: John Hirschi

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