Onyx Shower Base Blues
Posted by Dave Clark on April 02, 19101 at 22:20:53:
The onyx shower base I am buying for a remodeling effort on my master bath was installed today (put inplace and drain set.

When I stepped into the shower base, it squeeks at the entrance end. The other end is fine. Apparently the plumbers who installed it did not ensure it is adequately level.

They also broke off the vertical ridge that the sheet rock comes close to by the shower entrance. I was not there, but my wife was. She questioned it and they said that it was no problem and the only reason for the ridge is for handling. That does NOT sound reasonable to me. They also said it doesn't show because of the walls that will be installed. That does sound reasonable but is there chance of seepage or some other problem. Also if I wanted to repair it, how can that be accomplished and can you recommend someone in the St. Joseph Missouri area.

Last, my carpenter put green board sheet rock in, but has the sheet rock touching the onyx. Is this a problem and why?

Thanks for your e-mail response in advance.

Dave Clark
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