Build up in water
Posted by Jim on April 02, 19101 at 18:42:44:
Received information of this board from another board. Glad I found it as it is just what I was looking for. I checked the FAQ and searched but to no avail. My question is this. I recently purchased a home with it's own drilled well and septic. Aside from the 'sulfer' smell I get, there is an inline water filter before the softener. This is a smaller filter with a cup and those 10" replacement cartridges. Well I've been using the charcoal cartridges for odors which of course only last a few weeks. I notice that if I don't change the cartridge after a few weeks an oily black substance starts building up inside the filter cup and on the gasket. It is a clear cup. When I moved in the previous owner probably hadn't changed the filter in months and it was solid black like grease. I recently discovered someone used many feet of black flex hosing in the crawlspace for the plumbing instead of any type of pipe(which will be yanked as soon as possible). Could degredation or build up inside this hose be the cause or is there something else in the system I should be concerned with. It doesn't seem to be coming out in the water. The plumbing is a hodgepodge of 50 year old galvanized with replacement copper and of course long runs of this black flex hosing. Thanks in advance.

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